Shamanism restores joy, inner peace, vitality, and success while deepening spiritual connection and support.


A shamanic practitioner uses ancient, “tried and true” approaches, which have been perpetuated in cultures throughout the world for at least 40 thousand years. The term shaman is originally from a Siberian tribe; it now refers to a man or woman of any indigenous culture, who heals the spiritual aspect of disease and provides spiritual solutions, resulting in greater harmony within and between the individual, community and natural world.

Although each tribal culture has its own particular shamanic traditions, some practices have been found to be universal.  All shamans “journey” by going into an altered state of consciousness, in which they visit other dimensions of reality, where compassionate helping spirits dwell.  These helping spirits may be indigenous religious figures, ancestral helpers, or beings in nature.  By meeting on their spiritual plane, the shaman can most effectively receive and transmit the helping spirits’ guidance and restorative power, without the distractions and influences of ordinary reality. Like indigenous shamans, shamanic practitioners journey to and work with helping spirits, on behalf of clients, thereby providing effective spiritual assistance in resolving problems and overcoming obstacles.

Shamanic Sessions and Contact Information

In a shamanic session with Rosalyn, the following services may be provided:

  • Power animal retrieval
  • Removal of disruptive energies or energetic blocks to health
  • Restoration of health, equanimity and Divine connection
  • Resolution with deceased loved ones
  • Divination (guidance, clarification, discernment)


For more information or to schedule an appointment (either in person or long distance):



“Rosalyn Mendez did a great service for me in helping me find my true path when I was losing hope and confused about my direction and purpose. I gained clarity and inspiration that enabled me to pursue my passion with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. I felt safe and comfortable in her calm presence. I felt heard, respected, and cared for as a client. I was able to go into a deep meditative state that I found very healing and restorative with her as my guide. We received answers and detailed descriptions of what was happening in my life.  I highly recommend Rosalyn as a healer and a shaman.”
~ Carolyn Jaynes, M.A., Author, Singer, Inspirational Educator.
Qualifications and Disclaimer
For over 30 years I, Rosalyn Mendez, have been devoted to spiritual development which I learned through various teachers, as well as through my own transformational experiences. In the past 15 years, I’ve trained in shamanic practices with the following teachers:

Alicia Luenges-Gates of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies http://www.shamanism.org/fssinfo/index.html

Connie Kelly   http://www.shamanicteachers.com/

don Oscar Miro-Quesada   http://heartofthehealer.org/

My practice is based primarily on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, as well as Core Shamanism and vocal sound healing. I am an ordained minister, a Sound Healer through Jonathan Goldman’s correspondence course and a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM).
My shamanic practice is not licensed; it is alternative or complementary to California licensed healing arts. It is not a substitute for medical services, psychotherapy or counseling. I am not a licensed physician and I do not perform or give advice on medical procedures.